Friday, September 9, 2011

Time Traveler 2 is completed!!

Time Traveler 2
770 x 570mm
pastel,watercolor pencil
The latest piece "Time Traveler 2."  My image is time machine switch. If  dial with characters revolves around and matches pass word, unlocked in the center, entrance to another world is emerging. We can move into the world we hope immediately. The important thing is this machine brings us to the world we hope in our subconscious mind. Consciousness is not same as subconsciousness. We hope happiness in our conscious mind but we might not hope it in subconsciousness. So, to use this machine correctly, we have to check our mind.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time traveler 2

 For art fair in December in Belguim, now I am drawing new artwork. This title is " Time Traveler 2." Of course I have " Time Traveler 1."  In Time Traveler 1, I wanted to express we living in time, can create our future by our vision and image. At this time, I imagine flower-shaped time machine switch. When we turn this switch, we can move in time and space to our future and another cosmos. I have just added color of light. It take a while to complete it. I will inform this process to you.